“The true cost”, directed by Andrew Morgan highlights the dark side of the textile industry. Released in 2015, it sheds light on a key question in the world of fast fashion: who actually pays the price of our clothes?

After being shocked by the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh, Andrew Morgan decided to launch a crowd-funding campaign for the realization of the movie, with the aim of providing answers to this question.

This documentary explores the entire textile production line from cotton fields in India to factories in Bangladesh, exposing the sad reality of why the prices of our clothes are so low nowadays. “It’s really an invitation to say: here’s something you might not have considered.” Andrew Morgan

While the price of our clothes has constantly been declining for the past 20 years, the human and environmental costs have increased dramatically. We keep consuming more and more without thinking about the consequences neither measuring the impact that each of us has on our planet and on the lives of the people who make our clothes.

It is a documentary that affected us and strengthened our desire to offer an alternative to this type of frantic consumerism. After having seen this movie, you’ll surely not see your dressing in the same way.