A little nod to a 100% ethical and ecological brand: La Révolution Textile. Local, transparency and traceability are the watchwords of this truly ecological fashion brand. La Révolution Textile in a few words it’s:

  • Minimalist design and high quality clothing
  • 100% natural and local material (French linen grown without pesticides, GMOs and other toxic fertilizers)
  • Ethical production between France and Portugal
  • Fair price that reflects the ecological and social commitment of the brand
  • Smaller collections to consume less but better

La Révolution Textile is an unbeatable ecological and ethical guarantee, from the culture of the fiber to the finished product, including processing, production, dyes and packaging. It is among the first in Europe to offer full transparency and traceability throughout the manufacturing process. With a similar vision on the fashion industry and shared values, La Révolution Textile is a beautiful discovery in the field of ecological fashion. We recommend this brand to all the women who want to dress more responsibly, so to know more about this brand or to complete your eco-responsible dressing, do not hesitate to visit the official website: www.larevolutiontextile.com

Author Delphine

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