For us, fashion is above all a question of elegance: feminine, timeless clothes which we want you to be able to wear for a long time, all the time. We have opted for small collections with permanent styles, so that you can always find your favorite pieces.

Designed by artisans with irreproachable know-how, our creations are must-have pieces where refined finishings make all the difference. Since we aspire to consume less and better, we always give preference to quality rather than quantity to propose stylish clothes that are both beautiful and responsible.


We are convinced that stylish clothes are even more beautiful when they are eco-friendly. Guided by these values from the beginning, we accept no compromise. Each of our customers deserves to wear clothes that celebrate their femininity without the need to choose between style and ecology. Our approach combines both at each stage in the process of creation.

Since there is no need to travel far to dress well, we have chosen natural materials produced locally to create pieces that have not travelled the world before ending up in your wardrobes. Avani is committed to total transparency on the origin of the materials used and traceability covering all stages in production.



We work only with local artisans. It is essential that each one works in conditions true to our values, this is why we ensure for all our partners a salary corresponding to their talent and working conditions favorable to creation.

Because it means a lot to us to preserve regional know-how, all of our creations have been designed between Vevey (Switzerland) and Marcollin (France). This also allows us to conduct ongoing quality control and permanently communicate with our artisans.