Our fabrics originate in Europe, meaning that the fiber is cultivated, transformed and dyed there, and our buttons are made of European boxwood. By buying raw materials whose origin is the closest to Switzerland, we reduce carbon emissions to a maximum: the distance between our various suppliers and our workshop is no more than 1600 km.

Our creations are designed in Vevey (Switzerland) and made by three women with unmatched know-how in their workshop in Marcollin, near Lyon. We have chosen partners with whom we share common values and who are located as close as possible to our headquarters. Thus, our clothes are produced within a radius of 280 km.


We undertake to work only with natural materials. We carefully select our fabrics according to one principle: to minimise their ecological footprint. Thanks to organic cultivation of the fibers, dyeing using “low impact dyes” and working with suppliers who recycle and minimise waste, we cut our consumption of water and energy to a maximum and minimise the pollution of air, water and soils.

By selecting partners sharing common ethics, our creations are produced in total compliance with regulations on working conditions. Our partners thus benefit from total workplace safety, remuneration matching their know-how, reasonable working hours and the respect of current standards in matters of labour law.


Transparency is part of our DNA. We thus guarantee full transparency, both regarding the origin of our raw materials and each stage in the manufacturing process. There is no more secrets in our creations for you.

Moreover, we undertake to offer clothes that benefit from full traceability. We therefore do our best to work with partners who guarantee the traceability of all the products with which they supply us, from the origin of the fiber or wood through to the finished product used for our production. The entire value chain is under control so that you can know from where exactly your clothes come and their true cost.